The campsites are currently grouped into three spots: The meadow, which is areas M, N, O, and P, the pier, which is area V, and the seawall, which is area W. 

The meadow is bordered by large sand dunes and wetlands to the east and smaller foredunes and the beach to the west. Areas M, nestled against the foredunes, and N, bordering the west side of the road, must be booked before areas O and P can be used. 

The pier, or area V, has 23 sites set close to the pier and bait shop for easy access to the boat launch and pier fishing and crabbing. 

The seawall has our only waterfront sites in area W. The pier and bait shop are nearby and access to the clam beds is just a few steps away. NOTE: On some early morning clam tides, generally in the late spring and early summer, there can be considerable early morning traffic for the clam beds. Late sleepers should avoid the sites near the pathway marked in red on the map, as this is the public access to the clamming area.